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BBA Ka Full Form | Bachelor of Business Administration-UPDATE

BBA Ka Full Form-Bachelor of Business Administration

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What Is The Full Form Of BBA?

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA is a pre-graduation program. Its 3 years running program for business graduation.student can apply After complete the 12 class. This course is basically for business background students. 

This program is divided from 6 semesters.This program is held also 4 years in Some of the countries.

The purpose of the BBA course is to develop students' executive personality and managerial skills. Helps students develop unique leadership qualities for a successful career in a company or venture.

Students also gain knowledge of business processes, global business problems and understand the role of economics in global businesses and markets.

Which course should you take, BBA or B.Com?

Which course should you take, BBA or B.Com


Generally, people pursuing B.Com want to be a large company, usually they are dedicated to the finance sector, and even after having done MBA after B.Com, they usually choose money as their area of ​​expertise. 

In addition to getting an MBA, they can also choose to take an MBA, CA, ICWA.

They can join jobs in the corporate accounts department or they can work with banks and financial and tax advisers.


The BBA course is a more comprehensive course aimed at better equipping students with human resources, marketing, operations and systems as well as other aspects of the business.

BBA courses are industry-oriented courses aimed at equipping students with the necessary management skills.

Students graduating from the BBA may only graduate from the MBA; Alternatively, they can look for jobs in companies as a management intern.

Some people may also choose to have a part-time MBA while working. As a BBA graduate, you can specialise in finance as well as non-financial flows such as HR, Operations, Production, Materials Management, Marketing and Systems.

Prime Subjects Of BBA:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Operation management
  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Marketing
  • Financial management
  • Human Resource management etc.

5 most Sought Fields In BBA Include:

1.HR (Human Resource) Manager,
2. Operations Team Leader,  
3. Project Manager,
4. SAP (Solution Application Product) Consultant,
5. Business Development Executive.

MBA Options After BBA:

MBA Options After BBA

After complete the BBA you can take the MBA course.Its better for develop your carear and also your job opportunity.So you should complete this after complete the BBA  programme.Basically There are two types of MBAs.

1. General MBA

2. Specialised MBA

General MBA

General MBA has the basics of the Prime subject. It has the main subjects like

  • Accounting.

  • Finance.

  • Marketing.

  • Management.

  • Financial Management.

  • Funds Management.

  • Marketing strategies.

  • Operations Management.

  • Human resource management, etc.

Specialized MBA

The special MBA deals with the detailed study of some of the prime subjects of the MBA course. The subjects for specialisation are as follows:

  • Masters in Human Resources.

  • Masters in Finance.

  • Masters in Information Technology(IT).

  • Masters in Marketing Management.

  • Masters in International Business.

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