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BBA Full Form | Bachelor of Business Administration-Unknown Details

BBA Full Form

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What is the full form of BBA?

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration

Elaboration of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration.BBA is also separated from B.B.A .Its an undergraduate program.The BBA process or study course is 3 years.


Have many country n the world who provided 4 years Bachelor degree.Some university divided the syllabus in few semester like 6 or some have yearly program.

The BBA course aims to develop student's executive personality and managerial ability.Its a professional knowledgeable course. 

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The course is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional area of a company and their interconnection. The BBA course aims to develop student’s executive personality and managerial ability.

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It also learn how to communicate with people and developer your business.Its a business program so its teach you how to grow your business in profit.

When a student done there 12 class then he/she admitted them self for BBA degree.

Prime Subjects Or Department of BBA:

  • BBA In Hospital and Health care Management

  • BBA In Hospitality and Hotel Management

  • BBA In Foreign Trade

  • BBA In Communication and Media Management

  • BBA In Information Technology

  • BBA In Banking and Insurance

  • BBA In Accounting

  • BBA In  Finance

  • BBA In Economics

  • BBA In Operation management

  • BBA In Business Law and Ethics

  • BBA In Organisational Behaviour

  • BBA In Marketing

  • BBA In Financial management

  • BBA In Human Resource management 

Minimum criteria to get admission in BBA:

You must have completed at least 10+2 from any recognised university to get admission in this course. After the completion of this course, you can join an organisation at the executive level.

It is preferred to pursue an MBA degree after this course for better career prospects.

What Can I Do After Completing BBA?

After completing BBA, you can get many jobs in marketing company.

The students acquire the necessary skills that are required to perform management and administrative roles within a company. 

So, companies usually seek BBA graduates for a wide range of positions in their different departments.

Some Other Alternative Of BBA:

1. BBA British Bankers Association

2. BBA Baroda Bar Association

3. BBA Boston Bar Association

Some Of The Popular Jobs For BBA Graduates :

Marketing Manager

Sales Manager

Human Resource Manager

Operations Manager

Finance Manager

CRM Manager

Some Special Jobs Details After Complete The BBA:

Marketing Executive: A Marketing Executive develops official statements and is responsible for promotion for the organisation’s products, conducting and analysing a competitive research, and establishing objectives, expectations and results for marketing programmes.

The average salary of Marketing Executive is Rs 3 lake and upwards

Marketing Manager: A Marketing Manager collaborates with product managers and aims at executing new/ modified programs for the establishment of improved strategies. 

Developing market research studies & analyse their finding, making the best use of marketing programs & campaigns for the organisation’s products and services are the responsibilities of a Marketing Manager. The average salary of a Marketing Manager is Rs 4.5 lake and upwards

Sales Executive: The Sales Executive is required to design and implement strategies to increase company sales revenue and expand the company’s base in the market. The average salary of a Sales Executive is Rs 3 lake and upwards.

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