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Full Form Of IBM | Unknown Details Of IBM

Full Form Of IBM

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IBM: International Business Machines

International Business Machines

The Full form of IBM is International Business Machines.It is a multinational technology and consulting organisation which is a trusted brand in IT sector.

Have there Headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States, the company manufactures computer hardware and software and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in over 170 countries.

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The products of this company can be divided into different categories such as cloud, cognitive, data & analysis, IT infrastructure or have more item.

This Company's services include Business, Mobility, networking, Resiliency services, security services, technical support services etc. Furthermore, it also offers various enterprise and business solutions.

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IBM (International Business Machines) ranks number one among the world’s largest IT companies.

IBM, frequently referred to as “Big Blue,Its Loge colour is blue.The logo of company "the 8 bar" is designed by Paul Rand.The company is becoming the top supplier of mainframe computers and over the years. 

By 2010's IBM has further integrated its business mix to emphasise areas such as cloud-based services and cognitive computing. 

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IBM Watson, a cognitive system, has grown into a high-tech company with the latest technology.

Unknown Details Of IBM:

Unknown Details Of IBM

IBM is probably the most famous computer company in the world. It started as a computer, tabling and recording company (CTR), founded in the late 1800s by Herman Hollerith. 

Their first major agreement was to provide tableau tools for 1890 census tables and analyses.

The company grew rapidly and in the early 1920's it was called IBM. 

IBM was the world leader in providing computer systems for both business and scientific applications.

1964 When they first revolutionised the industry by introducing the first extended range of computers (system / 360) in 1964, it had consolidated most of their competitors or went bankrupt, leaving IBM in a more dominant position.

The arrival of small computers and the failure of IBM to compete effectively in this area at the outset caused some financial problems, but IBM remains a major player in the industry.

History of International Business Machines:

History of International Business Machines

  • The date of the establishment that Charles Renault Flint Computer established as a tab letting recording company (CTR) was on June 16, 1111.

  • In 1914, Thomas J. Watson joined the National Cash Register Company's Senior CTR.

  • In 1924, CTR was named as the International Business Machine (IBM).

  • In 1953 it introduced the first computer IBM 701 defence calculator. It was an electronic computer for general purposes.

  • In 1957, IBM developed a programming language and named it FORTRAN.

  • In 1933 IBM bought the patent for the electronic typewriter and in 1935 developed an improved version of the typewriter.

  • In 1956 the company introduced the first hard drive, the 305 RAMC.

  • In 1967 it introduced diskettes and changed the way data was stored and deleted.

  • 19 In 1970, IBM worked with American Express and American Airlines to create the first kiosk for selling airline tickets.

  • In 1972 it built the first ATM, IBM 2984.

  • IBM has introduced the Universal Product Code (UPC) code. The code is the product and the identity of the seller who sells the product. It was first used in a supermarket in Ohio in 1974.

  • It has developed magnetic strip technology and introduces magnetic strips on credit cards and driver's licenses.
  • IBM launched its first personal computer in 1981 and named it IBM PC.
  • In 2012, it was ranked as the second largest US company in terms of employee numbers (435,000).

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